Beauty Is A Curse?

Lately I realized that I always mumbling saying to my friends things like “I’m not that pretty, whenever I go, guys won’t look at me first because I don’t have the looks. I always lose to most of my friends when it comes to looks,” And of course, as friends they get annoyed with me saying such things. Some resort to hitting me when I say such things. Haha.

Such an ungrateful servant of God! Astaghfirullah.

But now, I can say I am learning to be more grateful of my looks. 

I realized that those friends of mine, especially the beautiful ones, mind you, when I say beautiful it means these are the ones whom whenever they go, there are always guys who will tease them or try to get their numbers. And I realized too, of course as girls you hate these kind of things. 

To them, beauty is a curse.

Well, I must say I couldn’t agree more.

*to be continued (because I’m feeling lazy) this is a curse too you know!



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